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  • Planning and supporting IT infrastructures
  • Renting virial servers around the world
  • Increasing the performance of IT systems in general
  • DevOps practices of continuous service improvement
  • Main directions

    RDB Cloud


    Leverage our expertise to help you plan, implement, and manage a private, public, or hybrid cloud solution that minimizes risk, reduce costs, and maximizes software scalability.

    RDB Analytics


    Unlock the real value of your data and make data-driven business decisions with customized, fully integrated data science solutions using the industry’s best engineering and data science skills.

    RDB Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure Management

    Ensure your critical systems are operating reliably and cost-effectively—all the time—with highly optimized and automated systems that adapt quickly to changing business conditions.

    RDB Development Web Services

    Development and DevOps

    We will develop a web-service and databases for the implementation of the specified functionality for sites, portals, CRM systems, mobile applications.


    Cloud Services:
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean

    Microsoft Hyper-V, Docker container, Kubernetes

    DBA Services:
    PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis

    Business Applications:
    1C Enterprise, Bitrix24, Bitrix, amoCRM, PrestaShop

    Web / Application Architecture / Site Performance / Load Balancing:
    NGINX, Node.js, Python, PHP, Memcached, .

    Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control:
    Active Directory, OpenLDAP, RSA Authentication, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) / Google Authenticator, Centrify / Powerbroker, SAML, OAuth

    Host based Firewalls (Iptables), SSL VPN (OpenVPN), IPSEC VPN, Auditing and hardening Linux servers

    VoIP, SIP, Mail, Terminal Services, Applications

    Service Health Monitoring:
    PRTG, Zabbix, Icinga, Prometheus, NOC Project

    Network Stack:
    Cisco, Huawei, D-Link, RouterOS, ZyWall

    Release Management:
    GIT, GitLab, GitHub, BitBucket

    NFS File Server, iSCSI, NAS / SAN, Netapp, device-mapper

    Backup and Recovery:
    Replication, NetBackup, Renewer-1С, Rsync-based solution


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    Microsoft Partner Network

    Microsoft Partner

    Microsoft SPLA Partner

    Microsoft SPLA Partner

    Intel Technology Provider

    Intel Technology Provider

    Mikrotik Partner

    Mikrotik Partner

    1C Trading Partner

    1C Trading Partner

    By the way - about the prices

    One-time service

    $30 within 1 hour

    Would be suitable for one-time tasks and for getting to know more about us and our services before signing a long-term contract.

    Initial setup for any server

    $200 for a server

    Includes the formulation of business requirements, architecture development, configuration of the operating system and software, search and elimination of vulnerabilities, testing and clean migration and transferring the server to RDB support.

    Server support

    $100 per server

    Includes writhing business requirements, architectural design, primary configuration, clean migration, server maintenance and 100GB remote backup storage.
    *discount — from 5 servers Additional work ($30/hour).

    Premium service

    $500 per month

    Additional services. One of the administrators becomes an account manager who communicates with a client by phone and Telegram, reports and plans work. We allocate 500 GB of remote backups.
    +$80 add. per server

    99,95% fault-tolerant sustem

    $1,000 per month

    Includes transfer of the project on Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster or Google Kubernetes and developers' advice. You get the "three nines"reliability: the disaster recovery takes less than 5 hours annually.
    + initial configuration and servers support




    Virgin Connect


    Griffin Partners

    Griffin Partners


    Energy company ESCO

    Production company BAM

    Production company BAM

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