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RDB24 Cloud

Cloud Transformation and Open Source

Leverage our expertise to help you plan, implement, and manage a private, public, or hybrid cloud solution that minimizes risk, reduce costs, and maximizes software scalability. Introduction of Open Source.

RDB24 DevOps

DevOps and SRE Engineering

Both names advocate automation and monitoring, with the same goal of reducing the time from which the developer captures the change until it is deployed to the production environment.

RDB24 Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management

Ensure your critical systems are operating reliably and cost-effectively—all the time—with highly optimized and automated systems that adapt quickly to changing business conditions.

Let's do it:

  • DevOps practices of continuous service improvement
  • SRE practices of incident management
  • Planning and supporting IT infrastructures
  • Renting virial servers around the world
  • Increasing the performance of IT systems in general
  • Agile product management. Scrum Framework.

    RDB24 Scrum Framework


    Cloud Providers:
    Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean

    Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible Tower, Elastic Stack

    DBA Services:
    PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, Tarantool, Azure Cosmos DB

    Business Applications:
    1C Enterprise, amoCRM, PrestaShop, Telegram bot

    Web / Application Architecture / Site Performance / Load Balancing:
    NGINX, Node.js, Python, Go

    Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control:
    Active Directory, OpenLDAP, RSA Authentication, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), OAuth

    Service Health Monitoring:
    Prometheus, TICK Stack, PRTG, Zabbix, Icinga, NOC Project

    Network Stack:
    Mikrotik RouterOS, Zyxel ZyWall

    DevOps / CI/CD / Release Management:
    Azure DevOps, GitLab, GitHub, TeamCity

    SRE / Backup and Recovery:
    Replication, Rsync-based solution, Azure Blob Storage

    Host based Firewalls, SSL VPN (OpenVPN), IPSEC VPN, Auditing and hardening Linux servers


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    Microsoft Partner Network

    Microsoft Partner

    Microsoft SPLA Partner

    Microsoft SPLA Partner

    Intel Technology Provider

    Intel Technology Provider

    Mikrotik Partner

    Mikrotik Partner

    1C Trading Partner

    1C Trading Partner

    By the way - about the prices

    One-time service - Job

    $45 within 1 hour

    Would be suitable for one-time tasks and for getting to know more about us and our services before signing a long-term contract.

    Initial setup for any services - Start

    $300 for a services

    Includes the formulation of business requirements, architecture development,creating the necessary GIT repositories, configuration of the operating system and software, setting up DevOps Pipelines, documenting and transferring the server to RDB support.
    audit and consultations are included)

    Support for a developing service - DevOps

    $150 per services per month

    Includes maintenance, automatic creation of incidents, the execution of your applications, monitoring of health, collecting logs, preventing failures, constantly updating the environment, deployment scenarios and recovering faults (SRE) and 100GB of backups on Azure Blob Storage.
    *discount — from 3 services and private Telegram group

    Static Service Support - Classic Admin

    $50 per services per month

    Includes maintenance, execution of your applications, health monitoring, failure prevention, updating the environment - as needed.
    *discount — from 3 services

    Minimum viable product - MVP

    $1K one-time

    Includes DevOps \ SRE support at product launch. Participation of RDB engineers in sprinaths. Maintaining MVP in working condition, monitoring health, collecting logs, constantly updating deployment scenarios and recovering faults (SRE) and 100GB backups on Azure Blob Storage.
    until 1 year, until MVP starts.




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    Griffin Partners

    Griffin Partners


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    Production company BAM

    Production company BAM

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